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My 2010

My 2010
( music, movies and other random 2010 things )

Music/albums I loved in 2010
Artist: Indochine Album(s): Alice & June, Paradize, Dancetaria, La République Des Meteors, Nuits Intimes
Artist: PLACEBO Album(s): Battle for the Sun, Placebo, Without you Im nothing, Sleeping with Ghosts, Black market music, Meds
Artist: HIM Album(s): Screamworks: Love in theory and practise
Artist: Hotel Persona Album(s): In the clouds
Artist: Them Crooked Vultures Album(s): Them Crooked Vultures
Artist: T.REX Album(s): The Collection
Artist: VersaEmerge Album(s): Fixed at Zero

Other artists
Pearl Jam, The Cure, Brian Molko, Depeche Mode, É Florentino

Movies and TV
Movies: Iron Man 2, The men who stare at goats, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1, A nightmare on Elm Street
Tv Shows: Supernatural, The Dudesons/The Dudesons in America, Queer as Folk, The Graham Norton Show

Random 2010 things
- I have been a placebo fan for one year now
- I discovered Indochine (thanks to a certain friend of mine, I now have a new love)
- I sucessfully got a job
- Listened to Placebo live at Taratata via the internet (lol)
- Made some new friends
(I'll edit if I think of more)

Goals for 2011
- Save up money
- Try and get a better job
- Pass my restricted lisence
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